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Abrasion testing results

Labosport is the world’s leading independent laboratory devoted solely to the testing of sports surfaces and sports equipment, ensuring quality and compliance with the requirements of governing bodies, sports federations and national standards.

During the Labosport analysis, two of Notts Sport’s leading cricket surfaces – the premium NottsGrass NG12 carpet and its lower-cost alternative NottsGrass NG7 – were subjected to rigorous abrasion testing alongside a quality woven surface. The independent analysis was based on the British Standard test for ‘Abrasion resistance of non-filled surfaces’ (BS EN 13672), which is used by the ECB in its own TS6 Performance Standard for non-turf cricket surfaces.

In this case, however, the test was continued for a considerably longer period to see how the respective surfaces would stand up to sustained use over a greater length of time. The test involves a specially-designed machine with abrasive wheels being applied to the surface for 2,000 revolutions, and surfaces are considered to have passed if they have lost less than 5% of their mass.

The Labosport test then continued up to 5,000 revolutions, after which point the woven surface had an average percentage mass loss of 5.475% of its original mass – more than twice as much as was lost by Notts Sport’s NG12 surface (2.258%) and NG7 (2.157%), both still well below the 5% specified in ECB testing.

The test then continued for three more rounds of 2,000 cycles and the tufted surfaces were found to be still below 5% mass loss even after 7,000 cycles.

The test was completed after 11,000 revolutions, when the woven surface was found to have lost an average of 14.985% of its overall mass – nearly double the loss from NG12 (7.914%) and NG7 (8.144%).
As the summary of the Labosport analysis concludes: “Following the extended wear testing to a total of 11,000 cycles, NG12 and NG7 continued to have similar weight loss with much better performance than the Wilton Weave.”

To view the full results of Labosport’s independent abrasion resistance testing for NottsGrass NG7 against a woven surface, click here, or click here to view the full results for NottsGrass NG12.

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